Leire Ripodas on COVID-19: “Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have”

“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have”

CCC Junior Leire Ripodas takes a moment to reflect on COVID-19, which has impacted everyone’s lives in ways we could have never predicted. Hear about how she and the rest of her CCC Junior Cohort are continuing their work towards studying in the USA, despite the difficult circumstances. 

During this period of time that COVID-19 is stressing everybody out, we have to stay calm, face up the circumstances and make the most of what we are and have. It is a hard situation for everyone but if we stay strong and together, we will find the way out as soon as possible. For now, it is important to follow a routine, relax, take up an old hobby, do some exercise, cook a delicious meal, keep in touch with love ones and do not get bored.

We have all had many fun activities canceled due to what is going on and it is fine to not feel 100% every morning. Everybody has had a disappointment, but staying positive is key. Be grateful because no opportunity we were looking forward is worth than staying home healthy these days with some company. Nothing like this has ever happened to us and it is beyond new (I actually feel like we are all stuck in a movie).

All the students in Spain and most workers have been staying safe at home since March 14th when the government announced the state of alarm. We are only allowed to go out for groceries or to the pharmacy and need to keep more than one meter apart for social distancing. Right now, the situation is worrying, but the doctors are doing their best to work the problem out. Every Spaniard leans out of the window or balcony to clap in honour of their extraordinary job every night at 8pm. The moment is deeply emotional and touching.

Having said that, the Competitive College Club members have been meeting online during this stay-in period because we are not going to allow this drawback to get in the way of our dreams of studying in the US. Some of us are used to meeting online because we do not live in Madrid. However, on March 18th no one met in person as usual and the online meeting was open for every student in the group for the first time. We talked about searching colleges and creating a University list that really matches every student’s interests, core values, etc. Besides, the meeting was shorter than normal because our cohort leaders Michaela and Joe were going to look at our Essay Drafts we had as an assignment.

In April, we had our second online session and we had the pleasure to meet Marina Duque, the college advisor at the Aquinas American School, who made an excellent presentation about a very big topic: “Financing undergraduate studies in the US”. It was very interesting and beneficial for all of us, even Joe said that he had learnt a lot of things! To end the meeting, we talked about Liberal Arts Studies and we had the chance to do some college research on a fantastic page called “Big Future”.

In conclusion, we are all struggling but the students of CCC and many people are managing to follow their routine the best they can. At least we cannot complain about anything if we are still healthy and our close people are too. Right now, we just must do whatever is in our power until it is all over and take advantage of what we have.

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