Admissions: Elena Delicado Dominga & Binghampton University

Elena Delicado Dominga was a CCC senior for the 2019-2020 school year. She was admitted to Binghampton University, where she will study Biological Sciences and play NCAA Division I Basketball. Congratulations, Elena!

What do you look forward to the most about studying in the US and at your university in particular?

Being able to live to the fullest my academic, athletic and social life! Binghamton has a great academic program and I’m really looking forward to balancing that and competing in NCAA I basketball.

What is the best memory or experience you have had during your years as a CCC member?

Christmas party my junior year. It was super fun, because even though we didn’t really know each other, we really enjoyed our time together. Also, thanks to CCC I got to attend the EducationUSA Summer Academy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which has been one of the greatest experiences in my whole life.

What has being part of the CCC meant for you? How has it helped you?

CCC has meant everything to me regarding American Universities. Before CCC, I literally didn’t know anything about them, not even what “Ivy League” was. They’ve patiently taught us all of the useful information regarding application processes, admissions, universities themselves… They’ve encouraged me all the way to continue with the process, even though I was really lost at first. Thanks to them I’ll be able to achieve my goal.

What would you say to the students who are going to start being part of the CCC next year?

Don’t give up. Some parts of the process are extremely hard, as well as some parts of the year- lots of exams, projects… There’s time for everything if you organize yourself appropriately (believe me, I practiced basketball for 3 hours a day at that time and it was super hard some days) and I think CCC is something that shouldn’t be left aside. There’s online meetings available if you can’t make it for whatever reason and they are as helpful as in person meetings. CCC is a great program that not only will open doors for you, but it will also help you go through them.

At first, I felt like CCC was not for me, as I wasn’t like the rest of the kids that were there. My lifestyle was completely different and I didn’t think I would fit in there. My advice is, don’t do like me at first, because there’s really a place for everyone as long as you’re committed and willing to achieve your objectives. Believe in yourself, everybody in CCC will support you.

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