Admissions: Andrea Miramontes Serrano & Cornell University

Andrea Miramontes Serrano was a CCC senior for the 2019-2020 school year. She was admitted to Cornell University, where she will study Engineering with an International Relations minor. Congratulations, Andrea!

What do you look forward to the most about studying in the US and at your university in particular?

Combining an Engineering Major with an International Relations minor.

What is the best memory or experience you have had during your years as a CCC member?

Congratulations, Andrea!

My best memory was when I went up to our two supervisors and began a light hearted conversation that ended in a discussion about my career plans. At the time I was doubtful of whether or not I should actually to go to university in the US, and this talk made me see that, deep down, it was what I wanted.

What has being part of the CCC meant for you? How has it helped you?

You get to meet a lot of amazing people along those two years, and realizing that you are not alone in the process of applying abroad – that there have been many others as lost as you are and that there is a community of staff members willing to help you – is incredibly helpful when facing such a huge challenge.

What would you say to the students who are going to start being part of the CCC next year?

My best piece of advice is start early. Use all the resources available to you with CCC and start early. Because sooner than you know applying abroad will interfere with school work, and you don’t want your grades to drop. So to avoid any unnecessary anxiety and get your application as closest to perfect as it can be, start early and start seriously. Also, to make sure all your hard work does not go to waste I strongly suggest knowing all due dates – even test submitting, VISAs, Financial Aid, etc.

Also, CCC does not end in the meetings. Keep in contact with the people you meet and don’t be shy to reach out to others; you might find that they are going through the same phase you are, and that can lead to very bonding experiences!

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