CCC Seniors Reflect: What’s the Application Process Like?

Every year, springtime brings blooming flowers and warmer weather…and college application decisions! We asked the CCC Seniors to do some reflection on their application process while they anxiously wait to hear back from their schools. For many of these students, the process started over a year ago while they were CCC Juniors! How are they feeling now that things are coming to an end?

Let’s see some of their answers!

The overall application process was…

  • Stressful, but at the same time exciting.
  • A learning experience I wouldn’t have had outside the CCC.
  • Interesting. I got to know myself better and acquired new skills, especially in regards to writing.

What I enjoyed the most was…

  • The companionship in CCC (we’re a team) and having a mentor.
  • Getting to learn about myself and, to some extent, deciding on important things in my future such as «what are your aspirations?» which not many people have too clear of an answer.
  • Knowing that I have fulfilled my goal of applying to go to the USA.
  • Telling my story, and showing different perspectives of myself in different essays.
  • Being able to submit an application I’m proud of and I feel it represents me well.

Through this process, I learned that I’m really good at…

  • Writing and expressing myself.
  • Doing interviews.
  • Independent work.
  • Working and fighting to achieve my dreams
  • Managing things, like organizing what has to be done, how and when. 

The biggest way that CCC helped me was…

  • …Helping me stay on track throughout the application, as, being from a different country, we don’t know when the essays for example should be started and so on.
  • With translations, financial documents, interviews and questions in general.
  • Through my writing mentor.
  • Giving me a breakdown of all the information which, while available to anyone with enough patience, can be very hard to find.

What’s some advice that you have for students applying to study in the US next year?

  • Plan ahead and do not leave things for the next year. Do everything as soon as possible.
  • Take it as a learning experience that will be net positive no matter what happens.
  • Work very hard for what you want.
  • Have patience, everything will turn out just fine!

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