Admissions: Mariona Giner Mascarell & University of Richmond

Mariona Giner Mascarell was a CCC senior in the 2021-22 school year. She was admitted to the University of Richmond in Richmond, Virginia. She plans on double majoring in Physics and Mathematics.

Congratulations, Mariona!

What do you look forward to the most about studying in the US and at your university in particular?

I’m truly looking forward to spending four years surrounded by talented and curious people that will make me improve as a student and person.

What is the best memory or experience you have had during your years as a CCC member?

The first time my adviser told me she was proud of me! She was my most significant support during this journey and the reason why I kept going when everything seemed unattainable. Knowing that she would be there for me every time I needed it definitely made my CCC experience unforgettable.

What has being part of the CCC meant for you? How has it helped you?

The CCC guided me in every single part of the application process: college list, extracurricular activities list, tests, essays, letters of recommendation, financial aid, critical documents… but it also became a huge part of my life. We are a little family of likewise-minded big dreamers that fight together to achieve what we have always dreamt of. Basically, the CCC is a story of growth and overcoming. It has been part of our story and it always will be.

What would you say to the students who are going to start being part of the CCC next year?

Enjoy it. Enjoy every single second to the fullest, no matter how powerless you feel or how impossible things may seem. Wake up every morning and say to yourself: to those who have to say no to me, I’m going to make it very difficult. Give your best, strive for perfection, do things you are passionate about. The CCC will always be there helping you do all these things and making you realize that no matter what the outcome is, it’s always worth it.

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